Thursday, September 14, 2006

My first RTI Application - Received Info

This is a long overdue update on my blog. Anyway here it is.

I got a reply from the Town panchayat for the RTI application that I filed well before the expiry of the 30 day deadline. I got the reply in the end of august, and the reply was dated 21-Aug. That was impressive. It seems that according to the rules, the roads need to be relaid every three years. I had asked for the details of the work done in the last one year, and the reply was that no work was done in the last one year. Though for the question as to when the work will be done now, they have replied saying that the tender date has been fixed for 28-Aug, and that the road will be completely repaired in three months. Let me see what happens.


Indian said...

Was the road repaired in three months?

V Madhav said...

The road was indeed repaired (though I dont remember if it was done within three months), but, honestly, I am not sure if it is because of the RTI applicaiton. It might have been just the routine relaying of roads. Cant say, really.