Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My first RTI application - Update

I filed my RTI application on 28th July. On 8th August I received a copy of the letter dated 2nd August from MA&WS dept (to which I submitted my application) to the PIO of the Porur Town Panchayat asking the Town Panchayat office to reply to my queries. There was another letter addressed to me, to contact the town panchayat herafter in case of any questions, with a copy sent to the Town panchayat.

One interesting thing is that in the letter from the Secretariat to the Town panchayat office, there is no mention of the date on which I filed my original application. This is important since only then the PIO of the Porur Panchayat will know that the queries have to be replied to within 30 days from that date. Now, In all probablity, this PIO will count 30 days starting from 8th August (the date he received the letter). But for now, I might not make a fuss about it. I would be surprised even if I get my replies by 8th septembet. But I am planning to go and meet the Porur Panchayat PIO on Aug 27th and ask him to give me the replies saying it has been one month since I filed my application. Atleast then, he will know that I am serious about this and try to get me answers before Sep 8th.

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