Friday, June 12, 2009

A small update on Perungattur awareness session

On 21st April 2007, I had organised an awareness session in a village called Perungattur in Cheyyar Taluka of Thiruvannamalai district. At that time after the session I helped 5 people there to file their RTI applications with the Tahsildar offices. One of which was for a ration card follow up, three for old age pension follow up and one house application follow-up. Yesterday I went there again to find out what had happened. Not a single person received any reply to the RTI application. But there was a goof-up from my side too. I forgot to tell them to take copies of their applications before sending. I just dont understand how I missed that. Anyway, so I filed First appeals for 4 of them yesterday. I have also told two of them (I did not meet the other two yesterday), that if after 30 days of the first appeal, they dont get any reply, we need to go to the Tahsildar office and talk to him. They said ok. Let me wait and see.

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