Wednesday, February 18, 2009

RTI to the help of RTI

That decisions of the State Information Commission needs to be on the website has been a constant request from my side. But till now only the decisions till June 2008 are uploaded on the website ( When I repeatedly raised this issue with the Chief Commissioner, he told me that the scanning was done but the NIC(National Informatics Centre) people were not uploading it to the website. Feeling very irritated with such delays I filed an RTI with NIC seeking the list of requests that had come to it from the Information Commission regarding the website and the status of each of those requests.

After a couple of days when I met the Additional Secretary of the Commission for a different reason, and he suddenly asked me if I had asked anything from the NIC. I told him yes. He then told me how somebody from NIC contacted him saying a petition had come to NIC. The Additional Secretary also then explained to me the problem the Commision was facing in uploading decisions in detail. Now I had a good idea of what their problem was. But he also told me that the NIC person had said that he would come to the State Information Commission to try addressing their issues, though they had already provided some software to the commission for uploading decisions.

Then I told the Ad.Sec that I have a reasonably good idea of how websites are maintained and that I could help in whatever way possible, and asked him if he would be ok with my being a part of his discussion with the NIC person whenever he comes. Unexpectedly, the Ad.Sec agreed and asked me to come the next day at 11.30 since the NIC person said he would come at that time. All eager, I went there the next day (after cancelling my plans of another meeting) and when I went there, I learnt that the NIC person was in some meeting and hence would not come. So I came back after giving the Additional Secretary my mobile number in case a discussion is scheduled on some other day

But filing that RTI application with the NIC turned out to be useful for two reaons.
1. The Ad.sec was happy the NIC person was coming to the commission since he said that, it would be very helpful for the people in the commission working on the uploading of the decisions to the website.
2. Now I had a better understanding of the problems the commission is facing in uploading the decisions (though it doesnt justify the huge delay) and also given me an opportunity to be a part of the discussions related to it at the State Information Commission.

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Jayan said...

Cool Dude. You're single handedly effecting changes out there.