Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Accountability in Government hospitals - Update saying "No updates"

A small note on our work in Government hospitals. As for the corruption complaint enquiry at GOSHA hospital, we have not yet been called for another round of enquiry. We are waiting for that.

As far as the GH is concerned, we met the superintendent to give us permission to implement a waiting list system at in the Cardio Thoracic department, but he was not very co-operative. He told that many students come and ask for permission to do work, they work only on one day but ask for certificates indicating that they worked for 2 monhts. So we told them that we are not students and so dont need any certificates. Then he looked at the letter that the CT dept HOD forwarded to the dean and said that the details are not sufficient and asked us to give him more details.

So went back to him with a brief background about us and AID India and about the system we are intending to implement. In that we had said taht we wont need any funds from the GH for the funds since we will raise it ourselves. He again objected to this saying, how can you raise fund yourself, the government gives us lots of money and that he will not let us go and ask for funds for GH, as that would bring a bad name to the GH. Moreover he also said, that NGOs do this all the time, they raise money and do not do anything. We tried to explain to him, that if the GH itself gives us money we are more than happy. But he was not at all convinced. He anyway asked us to meet the Dean.

The problem is exactly that. The Dean has been given the additional responsibility as the director of DoME. So he is not in office. That is why we had to meet the superintendent. Now he asks us to meet the Dean. Since that day we are daily calling up the GH to find out if the dean is present. We call up -3 times everyday, but we are not able to meet him. Let us see when we are going to get a chance to meet him. Till then there will be very little update on that. :-)

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