Sunday, January 20, 2008

RTI Project Updates 6,7

This update is for the 6th and 7th weeks combined. I just couldnt do it last week and hence am combining it.

Awareness sessions
At our last awareness session, we had a problem of gathering people. This could have been solved in two ways.
1. Either get a street play team which will enact a play thereby attracting crowds.
2. Conduct the awareness session through an organisation which will do the part of bringing people together.

I am trying to get a team ready to do the street play. Or at least prepare a video of a street play. And then play it wherever necessary. But meanwhile I am also talking to organisations which can help us organise awareness sessions. One such group is AIDWA (All India Democratic Women's Association). Through them I am planning to conduct an RTI awareness session tomorrow at 2 PM in a slum in Taramani.

BTW, I have also been talking to other groups and individuals and another RTI awareness session MIGHT happen this saturday in a slum in Ashok Nagar.

Information Commission
I will meet Mr.Dhandapani tomorrow (since 22nd is the date he had asked me to come), and tomorrow I will definitely find a way to get the copies of the decisions. Let me see how it goes.

Helplines Awareness
The cards (which I said would be ready about a fortnight back have gone for printing today. They will definitely be ready tomorrow. I am printing about 3000 of them as the first lot. Once they are ready I will give them out for distribution. I am also looking at the media and as mentioned before, a magazine called Puthiya Parvai is already available in the stores, which has information about this helpline (I will send out a scan soon). Srininvasan, a friend here in AID India promised that he will get me in touch with other Tamil periodicals like Vikatan, Kungumam etc. That will probably happen this week which will spread the word about our helplines. I am also getting contacts of FM channels which can broadcast the message about the helpline.

Other stuff
I talked to one Mr.Jawahar of Doordarshan and asked him if we can do a program on Right To Information on DD, he said we can do it. So I talked to Nityanand, whether he would be ok with doing a program on RTI on DD. He also readily agreed. Let us see how this one goes. This might have a good reach, since it will reach all over tamil nadu (But yeah, I am not sure who is watching Doordarshan of all the channels).

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