Saturday, December 08, 2007

RTI Project updates - 1

I met a group of 3 enthusiastic people today. Varath, Sharada and Lokesh. They had already worked on the TN RTI state wide campaign that happened in 2006. Hence I had called them up to meet them. They readily agreed and came to meet me. Varath, Sharada and I met on saturday, to discuss what we can do for RTI on the awareness front . Lokesh joined in later and left after a while . We discussed on how and where we can conduct awareness sessions, and finally we decided that we will initially do it in 5 slums in Chennai. We discussed on materials that will be needed for the slum awareness session. Sharada said she can talk to HRF and get the publicity materials that were used last time. That we should do a skit in the slum was agreed upon, though the details need to be worked out. I have also called for volunteers for this RTI awareness sessions. The idea is that each volunteer will be assigned a slum, and once the awareness session is over there, that particular volunteer will do the follow-up work by visiting it once in 2-3 weeks. So far I have found about 5-6 volunteers. The training for these volunteers will happen next Saturday (Dec 15th 2007). That will be a 3 hour session.

We also decided that we will run a help line for RTI to provide help over phone. This will essentially be a mobile phone number, to which people can call in with queries about RTI. We plan to have it open for 3-4 hours every saturday with each one of us taking turns at handling the calls every week. This will start soon and we have decided to publicise this number at all the awareness sessions and also through local area newspapers.

About working with the commission, we decided that we will meet again to discuss that separately when Rajesh (who also participated in the 2006 RTI campaign, but could not make it to the meeting) and Lokesh can also join in.

Meanwhile, I am designing a poster, for use in the awareness sessions and also for general publicity of the helpline. That will also be ready by the time the slum awareness sessions start. A ppt has been readied for use in the volunteers training and a set of case studies need to be chosen, which I can use during the training for volunteers.

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