Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fines imposed for Traffic Violations - RTI application

On July 23rd 2007, I had filed an RTI application with the Home department (Which looks at transport too) asking for details of Fines collected from the public in Chennai for various kinds of traffic violations. There was a prompt response to this, and a traffic constable had come to our apartments on 12-Aug-2007 to personally give me the information. Since none of us were home, he told our watchman that he had come looking for me. This was in the evening. After my mom returned from her evening walk, the watchman told here that a policeman had come looking for me. My mom got worried. The problem was that the watchman didnt tell my mom that it was a traffic policeman. So when I returned home, though she was not upset or anything, she asked me why I was involving myself in such things that leads to a policeman to come looking for me. I told her that there is nothing to worry just because a policeman had come to my house (even I didnt know it was a traffic policeman). So when that guy came at 9.30 PM and gave me the info, only then my mom was happy. :-)

I have published the information received here in this link for anybody who might want to look at it.

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